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Pink Constellations Earrings-earrings, dangle, pink, Swarovski Crystal, sterling silver, handmade
Pink Constellations Earrings
$22.50 $14.00
Out of Stock
Light Violet Ice Queen Earrings - Roxanne Haddock-dangle, earrings, swarovski_crystal, crystal, gunmetal, silver, violet, purple
Light Violet Ice Queen Earrings - Roxanne Haddock
Sorbet Necklace-necklace, Swarovski crystal, crystal, pink, pink, orange, teal, blue, caribbean, sterling silver, silver, pendant, swarovski pearl, pearl, glass pearl
Sorbet Necklace
Sorbet Earrings-earrings, dangle, swarovski crystal, crystal, swarovski pearl, pearl, glass pearl, peach, pink, blue, teal, orange, sterling silver, silver
Sorbet Earrings
Skull & Bone Earrings-earrings, dangle, halloween, skeleton, swarovski crystal, handmade, sterling silver, silver, dangle
Skull & Bone Earrings
Victoria Pearl Earrings-earrings, dangle, brass, pearl, swarovski pearl, victorian, ivory, ivory pearl, handmade, chic, couture
Victoria Pearl Earrings
Out of Stock
Green Tea Bracelet-bracelet, lamp work glass, glass, crystal, sterling silver, antique silver, handmade
Green Tea Bracelet
Out of Stock
Sassy Brassy Necklace-necklace, brass, silver, filigree, mixed metals, fashion, couture, chic, handmade
Sassy Brassy Necklace
$39.00 $29.00
Christmas Flower Bracelet-Christmas, holiday, flower, green, red, lamp work, glass, sterling silver, swarovski crystal, crystal, handmade
Christmas Flower Bracelet
Out of Stock
Custom Order - Diem Nguyen-
Custom Order - Diem Nguyen
Out of Stock
Colors of Christmas-earrings, Christmas, holiday, red, green, white, sterling silver, silver, dangle, adventurine, pearl, freshwater pearl, coral
Colors of Christmas
Out of Stock
Elegance Necklace-necklace, gold-filled, Swarovski_pearl, Swarovski_crystal, burgundy, topaz, green, matching_set
Elegance Necklace
Out of Stock
Elegance Earrings-earrings, dangle, pearl, Swarovski_pearl, Swarovski_crystal, gold-filled, gold, matching_set
Elegance Earrings
Out of Stock
Silver Pumpkin Earrings-earrings, dangle, silver, pumpkin, fall, autumn, sterling silver
Silver Pumpkin Earrings
Out of Stock
Scary Good Time Bracelet-bracelet, halloween, ghost, lamp work glass, glass, Swarovski Crystal, jet, sterling silver, silver
Scary Good Time Bracelet
Out of Stock
Santa Baby Earrings-earrings, chandelier, Christmas, holiday, red, white, sterling silver, silver, dangle, handmade, artisan
Santa Baby Earrings
Out of Stock
Helter Skelter Earrings-earrings, dangle, halloween, skeleton, black, white, sterling silver, holiday, handmade
Helter Skelter Earrings
Fuchsia Graphic Tassel Earrings-earrings, dangle, tassel, fuchsia, pink, brass, antique brass, handmade, swarovski crystal, crystal
Fuchsia Graphic Tassel Earrings
Sweet Love (Silver) Earrings-earrings, dangle, bridal, bridesmaid, wedding, pearl, freshwater pearl, silver, sterling silver. orchid, flower, handmade
Sweet Love (Silver) Earrings
Cinnamon Sparkle Necklace-necklace, Swarovski pearl, Swarovski Crystal, burgundy, gold-filled, gold, pearl, crystal, matching set, handmade
Cinnamon Sparkle Necklace
Cinnamon Sparkle Earrings-earrings, dangle, Swarovski crystal, Swarovski pearl, pearl, crystal, burgundy, matchin set, handmade
Cinnamon Sparkle Earrings
Freedom Earrings-earrings, july 4th, independence day, red, white, blue, chandelier, sterling silver, silver, swarovski crystal
Freedom Earrings
Amp It Up Earrings-earrings, dangle, gunmetal, gold, swarovski crystal, crystal, jet, black
Amp It Up Earrings
Falling Copper Earrings-earrings, dangle, copper, Swarovski crystal, green, handmade, leaves, autumn, fall
Falling Copper Earrings
Peppermint Bracelet-bracelet, christmas, holiday, red, white, peppermint, Swarovski Crystal, crystal, sterling silver, handmade
Peppermint Bracelet
Out of Stock
Hollywood Glamour Necklace-necklace, multi-strand, swarovski pearl, gold filigree, gold, coral, handmade, pearl
Hollywood Glamour Necklace
Out of Stock
Hollywood Glamour Earrings-earrings, dangle, gold, gold filigree, coral pearl, swarovski pearl, pearl, matching set, handmade
Hollywood Glamour Earrings
Out of Stock
Survivor Earrings-earrings, dangle, pink, breast cancer awareness, awareness, sterling silver, swarovski crystal, pink crystal, crystal, handmade
Survivor Earrings
Out of Stock
Fairy Dust Earrings-earrings, natural brass, brass, Swarovski Crystal, fairy, crystal, dangle, handmade
Fairy Dust Earrings
Out of Stock
Flight of the Sparrow - Aurora-earrings, dangle, natural brass, brass, Swarovski crystal, crystal, sparrow, nature, handmade
Flight of the Sparrow - Aurora
Out of Stock
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