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Pink Constellations Earrings-earrings, dangle, pink, Swarovski Crystal, sterling silver, handmade
Pink Constellations Earrings
$22.50 $14.00
Out of Stock
Sassy Brassy Necklace-necklace, brass, silver, filigree, mixed metals, fashion, couture, chic, handmade
Sassy Brassy Necklace
$39.00 $29.00
Elizabeth Necklace-necklace, bridal, wedding, swarovski crystal, sterling silver, silver, crystal, handmade
Elizabeth Necklace
$74.00 $44.00
Honey Earrings-earrings, dangle, gold-filled, chalcedony, yellow, honey, gold
Honey Earrings
$28.00 $19.00
Limelight-earrings, dangle, lime, green, lavender, sterling silver, pewter
$29.00 $24.00
Luster Necklace-necklace, bridal, Swarovski Crystal, matte silver, sterling silver, crystal AB
Luster Necklace
$49.00 $39.00
Vintage Arte Earrings-earrings, dangle, copper, natural brass, arte metal, black, brown, vintage
Vintage Arte Earrings
$29.00 $24.00
Nature Walk-necklace, gemstone, semi-precious, green adventurine, jasper, carnelian, Bali sterling silver, antique
Nature Walk
$59.00 $42.00
Come Fly With Me!-earrings, dangle, Swarovski Crystal, green, lavender, purple, sterling silver, dove, bird
Come Fly With Me!
$29.00 $19.00
Disco Earrings-earrings, dangle, Swarovski Crystal, vitral, sterling silver
Disco Earrings
$18.00 $12.00
Adore Earrings (Crystal)-earrings, heart, dangle, cubic zirconia, cz, crystal, clear, sterling silver, love, valentine's day
Adore Earrings (Crystal)
$16.00 $12.80
A Thoughtful Heart Necklace-necklace, sterling silver, heart, pink, love, valentine's day
A Thoughtful Heart Necklace
$49.00 $39.20
Soaring Heart-earrings, dangle, Swarovski Crystal, heart, pearl, white, sterling silver, bridal, wedding
Soaring Heart
$26.00 $20.80
Dark Heart Bracelet-bracelet, heart, valentine's day, love, gunmetal, Swarovski Crystal, pearl, grey, black, silver, crystal, charm
Dark Heart Bracelet
$49.00 $39.20
Out of Stock
WIld At Heart Earrings-earrings, dangle, heart, red, wild, valentine's day, gunmetal, sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal, charm
WIld At Heart Earrings
$34.00 $27.20
Out of Stock
Cupid's Arrow Earrings-earrings, dangle, love, valentine's day, red, pink, crystal, swarovski crystal, silver, heart, cupid
Cupid's Arrow Earrings
$26.00 $19.00
You Hold the Key Earrings-earrings, dangle, heart, love, key to my heart, natural brass, Swarovski Crystal
You Hold the Key Earrings
$28.00 $19.00
Moonlight Earrings-earrings, dangle, bridal, Swarovski Crystal, wedding, sparkly
Moonlight Earrings
$24.00 $16.00
Murano Glass & Crystal Earrings-earrings, dangle, Murano glass, Venetian glass, Italy, Swarovski Crystal, blue, green, sterling silver
Murano Glass & Crystal Earrings
$32.50 $24.00
Out of Stock
Blue Fire Earrings-earrings, sterling silver, blue fire laborite, semi-precious gemstone, dangle
Blue Fire Earrings
$45.00 $29.00
Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmark-bookmark, accessory, pink, Swarovski Crystal, lamp work glass, sterling silver
Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmark
$11.00 $6.00
Courting Lilac Necklace-necklace, sterling silver, bronze, brown, lavender, purple, tanzanite, violet, sterling silver, matching set
Courting Lilac Necklace
$45.00 $39.00
Goddess Rose Earrings-earrings, dangle, rose, pink, Swarovski Crystal, sterling silver
Goddess Rose Earrings
$18.00 $14.80
Goddess Fuchsia Earrings-earrings, dangle, sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal, Fuchsia, pink
Goddess Fuchsia Earrings
$18.00 $14.80
Jack-o-Lantern Earrings-EARRINGS, dangle, pumpkin, halloween, jack-o-lantern, orange, silver, pewter, sterling silver
Jack-o-Lantern Earrings
$14.00 $7.00
Touch of Teal Earrings-earrings, dangle, sterling silver, leaves, teal, jade, turquoise, gemstone
Touch of Teal Earrings
$26.00 $14.00
Strawberry Limeade Earrings-earrings, dangle, boro, lampwork, glass, Swarovski Crystal, sterling silver, pink, green, lime
Strawberry Limeade Earrings
$28.00 $14.00
Intoxicated Earrings-earrings, dangle, lamp work glass, Swarovski Crystal, red, purple, sterling silver
Intoxicated Earrings
$28.00 $24.00
Stratosphere Earrings-earrings, long, sterling silver, Czech glass crystal, Swarovski Crystal, royal blue,
Stratosphere Earrings
$32.00 $24.00
Three Ghosts Pendant Necklace-pendant, necklace, sterling silver, lamp work glass, ghost, pumpkin, orange, spooky
Three Ghosts Pendant Necklace
$54.00 $39.00
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