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Single Strand

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Sorbet Necklace-necklace, Swarovski crystal, crystal, pink, pink, orange, teal, blue, caribbean, sterling silver, silver, pendant, swarovski pearl, pearl, glass pearl
Sorbet Necklace
Sassy Brassy Necklace-necklace, brass, silver, filigree, mixed metals, fashion, couture, chic, handmade
Sassy Brassy Necklace
$39.00 $29.00
Cinnamon Sparkle Necklace-necklace, Swarovski pearl, Swarovski Crystal, burgundy, gold-filled, gold, pearl, crystal, matching set, handmade
Cinnamon Sparkle Necklace
Elizabeth Necklace-necklace, bridal, wedding, swarovski crystal, sterling silver, silver, crystal, handmade
Elizabeth Necklace
$74.00 $44.00
Terracotta Necklace-necklace, gemstone, Swarovski Crystal, sea foam green, green, tigereye, jasper, carnelian, semi-precious gemstone, gemstone, sterling silver, silver, handmade
Terracotta Necklace
Feelin' Hot Necklace-necklace, brass, gold, czech glass, matching sets, turquoise, gunmetal, handmade, multi-strand
Feelin' Hot Necklace
Champagne Truffle Necklace-necklace, Swarovski Crystal, crystal, pearl, gold filled, gold plated, gold
Champagne Truffle Necklace
Oak Frond Pendant Necklace-necklace, brass, natural brass, Vintaj, pearl, ivory pearl, ivory, Swarovski Crystal pearl
Oak Frond Pendant Necklace
Just a Hint of Neon Necklace-necklace, Swarovski Pearl, pearl, neon pearl, pink neon, yellow neon, sterling silver, matching set, handmade, artisan, couture
Just a Hint of Neon Necklace
Autumn Sunshine Necklace-necklace, autumn, fall, leaf, golden shadow, gold, brass, antique gold, gold-filled, Swarovski Crystal
Autumn Sunshine Necklace
Crystal Tabac Necklace-necklace, sterling silve, Swarovski Crystal, green, yellow, brown
Crystal Tabac Necklace
Into the Wild Necklace-necklace, brass, leopard, acrylic
Into the Wild Necklace
Olivine Ellipse Pendant Necklace-necklace, olivine, green, pendant, sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal
Olivine Ellipse Pendant Necklace
Luster Necklace-necklace, bridal, Swarovski Crystal, matte silver, sterling silver, crystal AB
Luster Necklace
$49.00 $39.00
Celebrate Good Times-necklace, Swarovski Crystal, gold, gold plated, matte gold, wedding, bridal, couture, handmade
Celebrate Good Times
Beyond the Deep-necklace, aquamarine, blue, sky blue, smokey quartz, gemstone, sterling silver, peridot
Beyond the Deep
Nature Walk-necklace, gemstone, semi-precious, green adventurine, jasper, carnelian, Bali sterling silver, antique
Nature Walk
$59.00 $42.00
A Thoughtful Heart Necklace-necklace, sterling silver, heart, pink, love, valentine's day
A Thoughtful Heart Necklace
$49.00 $39.20
After Dark Necklace-necklace, purple, silver, black, dangles, sterling silver
After Dark Necklace
Frosty Pendant Necklace-necklace, pendant, snowman, christmas, winter, Swarovski Crystal, sterling silver
Frosty Pendant Necklace
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