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Budget Savvy - Less Than $25 Earrings

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Skull & Bone Earrings-earrings, dangle, halloween, skeleton, swarovski crystal, handmade, sterling silver, silver, dangle
Skull & Bone Earrings
Helter Skelter Earrings-earrings, dangle, halloween, skeleton, black, white, sterling silver, holiday, handmade
Helter Skelter Earrings
Fuchsia Graphic Tassel Earrings-earrings, dangle, tassel, fuchsia, pink, brass, antique brass, handmade, swarovski crystal, crystal
Fuchsia Graphic Tassel Earrings
Sweet Love (Silver) Earrings-earrings, dangle, bridal, bridesmaid, wedding, pearl, freshwater pearl, silver, sterling silver. orchid, flower, handmade
Sweet Love (Silver) Earrings
Cinnamon Sparkle Earrings-earrings, dangle, Swarovski crystal, Swarovski pearl, pearl, crystal, burgundy, matchin set, handmade
Cinnamon Sparkle Earrings
Freedom Earrings-earrings, july 4th, independence day, red, white, blue, chandelier, sterling silver, silver, swarovski crystal
Freedom Earrings
Amp It Up Earrings-earrings, dangle, gunmetal, gold, swarovski crystal, crystal, jet, black
Amp It Up Earrings
Falling Copper Earrings-earrings, dangle, copper, Swarovski crystal, green, handmade, leaves, autumn, fall
Falling Copper Earrings
Feelin' Hot Earrings-earrings, matching set, dangle, chain, mixed metal, mixed chain, czech glass, turquoise, handmade
Feelin' Hot Earrings
Violet Crown Earrings-earrings, purple, violet, green, swarovski crystal, sterling silver, glass, dangle, handmade
Violet Crown Earrings
Rusted Metal Earrings-earrings, dangle, gunmetal, Swarovski Crystal, topaz, nobium, tassel
Rusted Metal Earrings
Pinecone Earrings-earrings, dangle, pinecone, autumn, brown, bronze, pearl, Swarovski crystal pearl, sterling silver
Pinecone Earrings
Oak Frond Earrings-earrings, dangle, oak frond, Swarovski Crystal pearl, pearl, ivory, ivory pearl, natural brass, Vintaj, Vintaj naural brass
Oak Frond Earrings
Just a Hint of Neon Earrings-earrings, dangle, Swarovski Pearl, neon, pink, yellow, sterling silver
Just a Hint of Neon Earrings
After the Storm Earrings-earrings, dangle, chandelier, Swarovski Crystal, black, lavender, purple, peach, pink, jet, sterling silver
After the Storm Earrings
Acorn Earrings (Copper)-Earrings, dangle, acorn, fall, autumn, copper, brass, natural brass, pearl, Swarovski Crystal Pearl
Acorn Earrings (Copper)
Perfect Gift Earrings-earrings, green, sterling silver, red, Christmas, holiday, gift, box
Perfect Gift Earrings
Santa Fe Earrings-earrings, dangle, sterling silver, chandelier, Swarovski Crystal, turquoise, pink, topaz
Santa Fe Earrings
Candy Corn Earrings-earrings, dangle, halloween, orange, yellow, candy corn, candy, sterling silver, silver, crystal, Swarovski Crystal, lampwork
Candy Corn Earrings
Dragonfly Earrings-earrings, nature, dragonfly, green, blue, sterling silver, glass, crystal, Swarovski Crystal, Chandelier, dangle
Dragonfly Earrings
Ribbons of Hope Earrings-earrings, dangle, breast cancer awareness, pink ribbon, glass, lamp work, sterling silver, silver, pink, Swarovski Crystal
Ribbons of Hope Earrings
Bright Night Earrings-earrings, dangle, gunmetal, arte metal, black, hot pink, pink, yellow, neon yellow, Vintaj
Bright Night Earrings
Acorn Earrings (Burgundy)-brass, natural brass, pearl, glass pearl, acorn, fall, autumn, burgundy, red, brown
Acorn Earrings (Burgundy)
Into the Wild Earrings-dangle, earrings, brass, leopard print, acrylic, link, brass link
Into the Wild Earrings
Honey Earrings-earrings, dangle, gold-filled, chalcedony, yellow, honey, gold
Honey Earrings
$28.00 $19.00
Electrolady Earrings-earrings, dangle, copper, Swarovski Crystal, lavender, purple, pink
Electrolady Earrings
Limelight-earrings, dangle, lime, green, lavender, sterling silver, pewter
$29.00 $24.00
Copper Sunset-earrings, dangle, copper, crystal, Swarovski Crystal, amethyst, purple, orange, sterling silver
Copper Sunset
Goddess Crystal Earrings-earrings, goddess, dangle, Swarovski Crystal, dangle, handmade
Goddess Crystal Earrings
Disco Earrings-earrings, dangle, Swarovski Crystal, vitral, sterling silver
Disco Earrings
$18.00 $12.00
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