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Jewelry Care and Storage

Care and attention to detail is put into every design from Allura Marie Couture Jewelry! To keep your custom, handmade jewelry looking georgeous and brand new, apply tender loving care and follow our storage, cleaning, and handling tips below.


There are a number of things that you can do to help prevent build up of dirt and grime on jewelry and also help prevent tarnishing.  Below are few pointers to help all of your jewelry and most importantly your handcrafted Allura Marie Couture Jewelry.

  • Protect long necklaces and lariats from tangling by wrapping then on the cards included with your purchase.
  • For long, chunky necklaces, you can store these in a jewerly box.  But for long, more delicate necklace designs, you should be more careful and never dump them into a box as they will tangle very easily.
  • Be sure to store you unique gemstone jewelry in a dark place.  Some gems will discolor with continued exposure to light.
  • Keep your unique gemstones and metals free from scratches by storing them in a lined case or a soft cloth and seperate from your other pieces of jewelry.
  • Avoid spraying jewelry with beauty products such as hairspray, lotions, cosmetics, perfume, etc. as this can tarnish or discolor your jewelry. 
  • Try to avoid sweating while wearing your jewelry whenever possible as sweating will cause a grimy buildup which can be difficult to remove.
  • Do not wear jewelry when using household cleaning products as this could cause damage and discoloration.



Most jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and a non-abrasive mild soap.  To help cleaning you can also use a soft bristle toothbrush.  For specific details on how to certain types of jewelry please see below.

  • Sterling Silver - Use a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth such as our Sunshine Polishing Cloths or a soft lint free cloth to gently polish any tarnishing that may have occurred due to the process of oxidation that occur in any sterling silver jewelry.  To purchase one of our Sunshine brand jewelry polishing cloths please click here.
  • Argentium Sterling Silver - Argentium Sterling Silver is virtually tarnish resistant. When cleaning is needed simply wipe with a clean soft cloth. Do not use silver polish or materials that have been used to clean other silver as it can contaminate the anti tarnishing element in the Argentium Sterling. Argentium can also be cleaned with soap and water.  To purchase one of our Sunshine brand jewelry polishing cloths please click here.
  • Pearls - Use a damp lint free cloth and warm water to clean your pearls.  Be sure to let the pearls to air dry before returning to them to their pouch.  Never use harsh abrasives, ultra sonic cleaners or other chemicals to clean your pearls. 
  • Gemstones - Keep your handmade gemstone jewelry clean with a soft-damp cloth, mild soap, and water.  Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, solvents and harsh chemicals when cleaning your handcrafted gemstone jewelry, exposure to them can damage semi-precious and precious gemstones.



  • Don't hide your pearls in a jewelry box, keep them luminous and beautiful by wearing them often!  The body's natural oils maintain their luster!
  • Put your handmade jewelry on last after you have dressed, applied your make-up and styled your hair.  This tips helps safeguard your pieces from being damaged by the chemicls and alcohols in makeup or styling products.
  • Making jewelry accessorizing the last step of your daily routein will less your changes of damaging an earrings, or snagging your favorite sweater or blouse.
  • Your custom, handcrafted jewelry should be the first thing that you take off at the end of a hard days work!

*The above guidelines are for the general care and storage of Allura Marie Couture Jewelry. Allura Marie Couture Jewelry is not responsible for the improper care, cleaning or handling of your jewelry.

If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning your handcrafted jewelry please contact us.


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